The 18th Olmec Head

Inspired by the Olmec civilization from the Gulf Coast of Mexico, artist-in-residence Jon Revett has recreated an Olmec Head on the Mariposa property. The Olmec Heads colossal size often range from six and a half feet to even ten feet tall, and weighing more than ten tons. The Olmec Colossal Head's naturalistic facial features were carved from a single basalt boulder using reeds and wet sands. While only a total of seventeen Olmec Heads have been discovered since their burial 3000 years ago, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the sculptures. Despite distinct details among the sculpted heads, stones were not found where the Olmecs originally used them. Scholars are left perplexed with the Mesoamerican culture, what language did they speak? What ethic group did they belong to? What did they call themselves? What purpose did the heads serve? When did the Olmec's come to the Texas Panhandle to deposit the 18th head?


You can find more of Jon Revett's Art at jonthelion.com