Mariposa Eco-Village has partnered with the Amarillo Museum of Art for the 2017 Biennial to help create a unique experience. The focus of this year’s AMoA Biennial 600 is architecture, and Mariposa invites architects and artists to realize their projects on the site.  This could involve projects using the landscape to enhance their designs, constructing architectural maquettes on site, or realizing final structures. Projects can happen before or after the AMoA’s call for entry deadline. AMOA’s open-ended definition of architecture allows for a fair amount experimentation, and Mariposa is the ideal location to facilitate a broad scope of visions.

Mariposa is home to several experimental structures utilizing environmental building techniques including, insulated mud block, sandbags, and strawbale. We emphasize the reuse of materials and can offer a variety of building materials like recycled wood and metal beams. There is also a considerable amount of aerated concrete, and two sizes of mud block machines on site. We also have experience with traditional building materials like cob and adobe.

Starting in the late spring of 2017, Mariposa will have programming that includes lectures and tours on subjects relevant to the architecture theme.  Topics including environmental building techniques, permaculture, land art, and more will be discussed. We also have classrooms available, and will continue our involvement with West Texas A&M University and Texas Tech. We invite other school groups to come get involved with Mariposa and the AMoA Biennial 600: Architecture exhibition.  Please reach out with your ideas, and let’s build an amazing experience surrounding this exciting event.