About Mariposa Amarillo

Mariposa Vision/Mission/Purpose

Mariposa Village is being created as a regenerative, mixed use community for 350 households that works towards meeting the Living Building Challenge in a way that continually builds capacity in the site and in the community to be elegantly sustainable.

The development expressly envisions a future concurrently caring for people, caring for the community, and caring for the earth and all its creatures. Mariposa Village is located in an abandoned caliche mine two miles northwest of Amarillo, Tx., in the Canadian river breaks of the short grass prairie ecosystem. It is being organized as a Community Land Trust, with living opportunities available to a wide range of incomes.

Our goals are to regenerate the site by building soil and growing food, construct our buildings using on-site materials for as much of our construction as possible, develop a net zero carbon footprint and become a model in the region for wise water use practices.

We envision the entire community as a school for regenerative development, where the culture is one of playful inquiry and feedback so that we can continually improve our methods and techniques, where governance is participatory and democratic and the community is designed to engage people’s creativity and sense of beauty. We are looking for employee owned businesses that will help advance our mission and potential residents who are excited about living and working at Mariposa.

As a self auditing practice we pledge to evaluate the function of Mariposa against our stated principles on an annual basis to ensure that ever changing methods of sustainable living continually further our community purposes.

Our core development team includes:
Mary Emeny
Rolf Habersang, MD
Karen Hicks
Tonya Kleuskans
Toby Lankford
Muff London
Dion Miller
Rick Todd
Pam Rushing

Our partners include:
Texas Tech U. School of Architecture
Texas Tech U. School of Engineering
Wildcat Bluff Nature Center
High Plains Institute of Applied Ecology

Our consultants include:
The Regenisis Group Natural Systems International
Community by Design